Our Programme

Developing the agenda for a bioregion involves a wide range of skills and capabilities:

The geographer’s knowledge of mapping; the conservation biologist’s expertise in biodiversity and habitats; the ecologist’s literacy in ecosystems; the economist’s ability to measure flows and leakage of money and resources; the service designer’s capacity to create platforms that enables regional actors to share and collaborate; the artist’s capacity to represent real-world phenomena in ways that change our perceptions and the historian’s perspective on how the past can help contextualise the actions we might take now to create a more liveable future.

As we get going, we’ll be organising our agenda throughout five stages:


Seeing – investigating where we are now and where new ideas and practice are already emerging.


Developing a better understanding of the potential of Bioregioning in helping us reshape our social, economic and shared lives.

Creating possibility

Designing and producing a series of interventions and projects that could grow Bioregioning in Tayside.


Sharing ideas, practice and models that can advance the field quickly and support new communities of practice.


Promoting a shared understanding of Bioregioning and offering the resources that Bioregioning Tayside has created and collected to be reused, recycled and rethought.