Author: Clare Cooper

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Bioregioning Tayside Learning Journey 2022: How Can Participatory Science Bring New Solutions to Ecosystem Restoration?

Our fourth Learning Journey event focused on the role of Participatory Science in ecosystem restoration. Participatory Sciences, including Civic Science, Citizen Science and Community Science involve communities co-producing new knowledge about the places where they live and work. This community and participatory process, which can involve collecting place-based ecological and physical data alongside social and cultural information... View More

Films From Our First Meet Up in October 2021

We had our very first Meet Up in October 2021 with four amazing contributors from the USA, Austria, Sweden and Scotland. First up was Glenn Page from Sustainamatrix in Maine in the USA. Glenn has 30 years of experience building bioregional and ecosystem stewardship across the world. He led an amazing International Bioregional Learning Workshop that we joined... View More

Earthworks Ecophyscology

Earthworks offers courses, group programmes and individual therapy for resilience and recovery based in nature connection. In this post, Bioregioning Tayside talked with Stephanie Gooding to find out more about their story. Can you talk a bit about yourself, your project, and the journey you have been on to get to this point? I’m a... View More

Campy Growers

Campy Growers is based in Dundee and made up of an eclectic group bound by a desire to grow food locally for nutrition, mental health, educational, community and climate mitigation benefits. In this post, Bioregioning Tayside talked with Kate Treharne to hear more about their story. Can you talk a bit about yourself, your project,... View More

Tayside Geodiversity

Tayside Geodiversity is a voluntary group that is interested in making Tayside’s geology and landscape better known. Local Geodiversity Sites can be important for educational purposes, scientific study, historical value, and for public awareness and appreciation of landscape and geology. The group produces leaflets and information boards about local geology and geomorphology sites and to... View More

Gate Church Carbon Saving Project & West End Community Fridge

The Gate Church Carbon Saving Project is working with their local community to reduce food and household waste, help people to develop new skills and lower their carbon footprints and improve the reduce the energy consumption of their own organisation by installing energy efficiency measures to their community owned buildings. Their Community Fridge is a communal place... View More

Cairngorms Connect

Cairngorms Connect is a partnership of neighbouring land managers, committed to a bold and ambitious 200-year vision to enhance habitats, species and ecological processes across a vast area within the Cairngorms National Park. In this post, Martha Smart from Bioregioning Tayside spoke to Tors Hamilton to find out more about their story. Martha Hello Tors... View More

Myreside Organics

Antonia Ineson has leased two acres of land from South West Fullerton Farm since 2007. Her three organic polytunnels house salads and summer veg: beans, squashes, garlic and interesting leaves like mizuna and tatsoi. Weekly emails let customers know the current harvest – sign up via her website, place your order and collect it from... View More